Comparison of Alternative Metal Jewelry

Comparison of Alternative Metal Jewelry


In the past years, if they're not made of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum, people wouldn't look twice to fashion. For so long, accessories functioned from its lone role as an style and image enhancer. But this time around, many fashion and jewelry designers are producing and adding jewelry for their high to mid range collections.

Here's a comparison of the three most popular styles in fashion and lifestyle: stainless steel jewelry, titanium jewelry and tungsten carbide jewelry.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Steel has been popular for a few decades. Touting qualities like resistance to corrosion, dependable durability and a sheen that can rival silver steel took the attention of men looking for metal jewelry. In the recent decades, jewelries has captured the style of several women as more and more designs gets available.

Compared to other people, stainless steel jewelry is popular due to the fact that it is much easier to create and manipulate. Though it's tough and durable, the accessories may be ion plated to resemble other kinds of metals, remains versatile enough to be crafted into different types of accessories and can work perfectly with various materials like rubber, gemstones and natural accents. Stainless steel jewelry, like other jewelries, require minimal to no maintenance and can be crafted without nickel making it ideal for trendy and active individuals wanting accessories.

Stainless steel jewelry is also affordable compared to others like titanium or tungsten carbide and costs only a fraction of silver or gold.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is another alternative metal jewelry that has gotten trend attention. It's thought of as the metal in the entire world. As an alternative metal jewelry, ceramic became popular due to its strength and lightweight. It has strength that may last a lifetime unless in a vacuum as titanium can't be melted and is 45% lighter than stainless steel.

In comparison to precious metals, titanium is far superior when it comes to strength. Like stainless steel jewelry, titanium is also an alternate metal jewelry that can come in various colors using plating techniques. However, the downside of titanium is that it cannot be soldered which makes it quite limited when it comes to layouts available. Rings made of the metal jewelry can't be resized and the prong setting styles common in rings cannot be made using titanium.

Titanium is another metal jewelry popular more to men than women. It is 100% hypo-allergenic making titanium ideal to wear, even as body piercing jewelry. Like other alternative metal jewelry, titanium requires minimal to no maintenance.

Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

This incredibly hard alloy that can withstand anything is produced by A compound resulting from the mixture of tungsten and carbon. This metal jewelry is so tough that the one thing capable of scratching it is diamond. It has a good feature called polish: once shiny, tungsten carbide jewelry will no longer need to be polished again, ever. Tungsten carbide is four times harder than any other metal utilised in jewelry. However, this strength proves to be this metal jewelry's weakness.

Tungsten carbide is available in color similar to titanium or white gold that results to choice metal jewelry designs available. It is also rather expensive to manufacture that is why tungsten jewelry available are wedding rings. Tungsten carbide rings cannot be resized. One of the metal jewelry, tungsten carbide is the heaviest and most expensive.

Retailers and consumers alike can explore the qualities and styles offered by metal jewelry. Between stainless steel jewelry, titanium jewelry and tungsten carbide jewelry, there are a whole lot of different styles. If you need style, high polish and dependable durability in your inventory or personal style, then try out metal jewelry.